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Originally Posted by ZuffenHouseRules View Post
I don't know, Charlotte. This is one of several posts I've come across here expressing enthusiastic anticipation of a n/a flat-6 powered 718 GT4. Which puzzles me.....

I get that the 981 Cayman GT4 was a truly great car, and a 718 GT4 based on the 4.0 n/a f6 in the 911 GT3 would be a natural evolution of that package. But I for one would find that disappointing....here's why.

In Formula 1 (and other racing series I'm sure) they speak of a particular version of a car as the package -- meaning the combination of platform (chassis, steering, brakes, aero, suspension, tires) and engine. To me, the 718 package is as much defined by the new turbo f4 engines as it is the evolution of the 981 platform. I love the way the whole package works together, but especially how the torquey and efficient turbo power gives this car a unique character and identity unlike the 981 or the 987 I drove for 12 years. It's not just a face-lift next-gen Boxster with enhanced handling and speed -- it's a different package.

So as good as a 718 GT4 with 911 GT3 engine might be, it would revert back to the old package of mid-engine Cayman platform with 911 engine. Not a new 718 at all...

But a 718 GT4 with +50hp variant of the current S turbo f4/VTG -- good lord that would be awesome. If Porsche would even allow a non-911 to be faster than the GT3, which I doubt. But whatever power and Nurburgring time Porsche allows a turbo GT4, it would do so much more to raise the image and appreciation of the full 718 package than giving the haters just what they want -- a relatively large displacement n/a f6 back in the mid-engine platform.
I just saw your post again regarding the N/A 6. You hit the nail on the head. Even Randy Pobst said the turbo 4 is faster than the old GT4 6. Just pump up the boost and add some cooling for water and oil, and the old NA stuff looks like saving the wooden wagon wheel. While all the haters hate the turbo 4, they seem to forget that Porsche's history with turbos( very successfully) goes back to the '70's. Even Mr. Metzger loves turbos.
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