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...well that's kind of like the pot calling the kettle black. You refer to all the "haters" of the turbo 4 yet you equate the "old NA stuff" as "saving the wooden wagon wheel". Not too much love in that statement. I think the turbo 4 is a phenomenal achievement. I do not hate it but I do appreciate what the "old" NA flat six offers in terms of performance and yes, history. Just as the flat 4 has history so does the flat 6 and I applaud Porsche for continuing to offer it in their GT line up. I get the whole 718 continuity/package argument but whether you like it or not, the GT4 is considered a GT car. As GT division boss, Andreas Preuninger has been quoted numerous times (one example, article by Matt Bubbers, Globe and Mail, May 02, 2018) as saying "at Motorsport, we think we can achieve throttle response and immediacy a little bit better with an atmospheric high-revving engine than any kind of turbo". And yes, turbos have been part of the Porsche line since the 70s, as you stated, but these were mostly as the higher performance versions of a particular model. Turbos back then were considered special, in my opinion, but now everything is going turbo for all the known/previously discussed reasons. I find it refreshing that Porsche continues to offer the tried and true flat 6, for at least the near future. Yes, it is as special now, just as the turbos of the past once were. Regarding the performance of the upcoming GT4, only Porsche truly knows. If the rumors are true, the "old" NA 3.8 will be stroked to 4.0 (definite 4.0 regardless) with a speculated 420HP. Nothing to be ashamed about, regardless of what could have been pumped out of the turbo 4, should they have chosen to do so. The 2019 GT4 will be a phenomenal performer. Whether you accept it as part of the 718 line, we'll have to wait and see. But isn't that similar to the "hate" from fans of the previous generation, etc., you described and the reason I believe this forum was originally established. I continue to remain excited regarding the 2nd generation GT4 and look forward to taking possession of mine, hopefully sometime in 2019.
I have never said that I hate any Porsche engine. I have owned 2 912s, 2 911 Carreras and a Carrera 2. In addition, I have owned a 914❤️ 2.0, and 3 different 944s. And I enjoyed them all. I just have not appreciated the hate towards the 718. It's very prevalent on the Planet 9 site and on the Cayman Registry site. I haven't been knocking the performance of the NA six. It is what it is. They sound good because they need high revs to produce performance. Is that statement a knock?
...never said you did ( ie., hate), directly. It was inferred toward the end, if you (or anyone) could not accept the non turbo GT4, then yes, it would be "similar " to your previously described, (not felt), "hate", as expressed by others, towards the turbo 4 ( read 718) but glad to hear you have none! So, was it a knock?...not at all!😁

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