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My 718ís a Moron Magnet

Iíve owned my 718 Cayman for almost a year now.

This is the first Porsche Iíve owned.

The one thing I really donít like about the car, is the way some other motorists treat you.

It seems almost every other time I go out in the car, I get some idiot who wants to race me.

Countless times Iíve stopped at traffic lights and the person in the next lane goes for it when the lights change.
I even had a guy in a beat up old Volvo Estate try to cut me off at a set of lights when the three lanes at the lights went down to two the other side, ďReally ???Ē
Iíve been tailgated numerous times by everything from ďWhite Van ManĒ to young idiots in ordinary hatchback cars.
Iíve had another guy with his Mrs in the passenger seat chase me down a duel carriageway in a Fiesta ST. Stupidly I accelerated and left him behind only to see him again soon after right on my bumper again. I overtook a couple of lorries and pulled off at a junction, there wasnít much of a gap. But to my surprise he followed me, I donít know how he missed the lorries.The junction slip road had a long sharp bend, the 718 took the bend at speed comfortably. The Fiesta ST tried to follow as quickly, I could see the drivers passenger giving him a real roasting for being a ďToolĒ.

After that escapade I try to avoid these Idiots.
I now just slow down and let them go past.
I stick to the lower speed limits and only enjoy my car on country roads when thereís little or no other traffic about.
I donít have anything to prove, I know my cars faster than 99% of other vehicles on the road.

So if youíve never owned a Porsche before and are thinking of buying a 718 you will have this problem.

I didnít have this kind of trouble in any of my previous cars.

Be careful especially as a lot of other drivers have Dash Camís, you donít want to end up on You Tube.
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I know what you mean. Unfortunately, these cars aren't as fast at slower speeds as we would believe that they are - run of the mill diesel hatchbacks can be just as quick. However, get up to cruising speeds and when the arse who has been hogging the overtaking lane eventually decides to pull over as his junction is fast approaching, put your foot down and - whoosh - you see the STis etc disappear like dots in the rear view mirror.

When spotty youths attempt to race, I let them go.
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Could not agree more, have had nothing but tailgating since owning the car , white vans etc. Decided to show a cooper s , what fast is ... at double the speed limit I thought “What am I doing?”. Since then I’m very happy for them to pass me , white vans I just drive slower, but don’t decelerate round corners 😊
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@Muppet reading your post it makes me feel like I am having deja vu.

2018/991.2 GT Silver Metallic GT2-RS

"Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence" ~ Vince Lombardi

"There are no great men, just great challenges which ordinary men, out of necessity, are forced by circumstances to meet" ~ Fleet Admiral William F. Halsey Jr.
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An aspiring 718 owner here (will happen in Spring of 2019 ), but did have a 93 RX-7 where I used to experience the same thing and my tact was just to ignore the people and go about my way. Used to have the same thing when I was on my sport bike as well, and again I ignored and went about my business.
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Just don't engage with them, simples.
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In the old days, I used to sink these guys with my 944 Turbo (modified). I even took on motorcycles. I've since mellowed and the 944 began attracting "loving" glances instead of challenges as it aged. So for the last 10 years or so I had no issues. I guess my new-found mellowness will be tested in May when my attention-getting Miami Blue GTS arrives.

First world problem
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Years ago, when I had my 2000 C5, my son and I were riding along and had something similar occur. I just turned to him and said...ÖÖ.we are faster and can stop shorter than 95% + of the cars on the road. Nothing to prove...Ö..the one fun thing I indulge myself in is if someone is tail gating me on an entrance or exit ramp. You can leave them wallowing all over the road without even stressing the speed limit.
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i like accelerating as you are coming into bends when everyone else is braking, that is where you can show the vehicles superiority.
There are plenty of vehicles that are quick in a straight line, it is corners and braking that sets them apart.

2018 Cayman GTS
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I’ve owned at least one Porsche sports car for over the past 15 years. I don’t have these problems. I get some thumbs up and stuff but nothing obnoxious.

A couple months ago, I was cruising along in my racing yelllow CGTS. Some guy in a pick up truck races up to my rear and then scoots along my right, then I pass by and he quickly scoots over along my left. It’s a little unnerving. He clearly has something on his mind.

We both stopped at a red light and he is just staring at me. I’m thinking what does this Ahole want. Then he frantically waives for me to lower my window. I hesitantly lower it. He yells out: “ That’s the most beautiful Porsche I have ever seen. What did you pay for it?” I told him and then laughed my ass off.

I can’t say I have ever really been harassed by anybody because I drive a Porsche.
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