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  • Gallatin ·
    Alan--I have about 700 miles in and loving the car. This is my first convertible so I am really enjoying the top down driving. My wife was a little skeptical about having a convertible but she is very happy we got it. You are right the car is quick and makes it an even better street driver. Enjoying the MT6 and find that it makes for a more engaging drive.

    I am going to be out of commission for a while due to some surgery. Once I can get back behind the wheel I will quickly make up for lost time.

    The car is definitely a head turner. I have got so many looks and compliments.

    Keep enjoying that S and I look forward to your further impressions.


    Homelink--what a disappointment.
    photonscience ·
    Hi Jeff,

    Was driving most of this weekend. I love the car - it's a blast to drive (not that my GTS wasn't) and I love the fact that it is QUICK (GTS wasn't) , and not just fast.

    The exhaust sound is subdued next to my GTS, so I am less of a hooligan around our neighborhood, which my wife likes. Then again, the 718 GTS will probably be louder (the 981 GTS was quite a bit louder than the 981 S).

    The Homelink is a disaster - but it seems like Porsche's homelink doesn't work well on any of their cars.

    The car is just plain gorgeous - looks like it's worth every penny and drives that way too.

    How about you? Having fun?

    photonscience ·
    Hi Jeff,

    Have you had more seat time? Any new perspectives?

    My car arrived at port this past Friday and their trying to get it to me by this upcoming weekend (which here in NJ is supposed to be good, weather-wise).

    I continue to be a glutton for punishment as I try to counter the negative comments on planet 9. I'm currently dueling with about 3 of the nasties with my posts. The most recent squabble involved these two guys who agreed with each other that the 718 is a downmarket move for Porsche - so I posted the dictionary definition of downmarket for them. According to them, the 981 is more "upmarket" than the 718 (even though the 981 is inferior in every objective way to the 718 except in cylinder count). My post got eliminated by the administrator (but so did the trolls' posts, so I consider it a "win"). My goal, I think, is to get banned. lol

    photonscience ·
    Well, the Splendid Ace finally figured out where Rhode Island is and has docked (13 days to make the trip). I assume my car is on that boat, since the dealer said he would deliver it to me between April 4 - 7. If not, the next boat arrives on March 31. Your car looks great and has only made the wait more weighty.
    photonscience ·

    Have you gotten your car yet? I'm trying to figure out how long it takes to get the car once the ship lands in Davisville. My ship was supposed to land on 3/23, then 3/24, now its 3/26. Driving me crazy already.

    Most of the snow has melted here in Bergen County, but it's still too cold for top down weather.

    (Patience, patience)


    Alan (photonscience)
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