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  • Herbie ·
    Interior Surfaces?

    I’m about 3 weeks into my 2018 718 Boxster and the top is down whenever I’m behind the wheel, so it is time for her 1st interior cleaning. The only upgrade to my interior is the GT Sport steering wheel with the multifunction buttons and heater (for those January top down days). The problem is that I can’t find any documentation as to which surfaces are leather or leather-like and I want to make sure that I treat the surfaces appropriately.

    Please let me know how you all treat your interior and I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could direct me to a source that lays out the interior surfaces.
    Herbie ·
    Front License Plate?

    I live in Maryland, where front license plates are required by law. Professionally mounted plates, centered on the front, definitely look better than other gizmos I have seen that are offset or just looked rigged. I am getting ready to pick up my baby any minute now (boat docked 2 days ago) and the thought of drilling into her is not appealing at all.

    Since ordering I have been paying close attention and have noticed a ton of vehicles that have opted to forgo the required front tags. While I’m not looking fore MORE reasons to get an officers attention (I already opted for Guards Red), I am seriously considering leaving the front naked.

    Pleas let me know any thoughts or experiences on this matter.
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