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  • marc ·
    Hi Viffermike, I read all of your posts. You are very knowledgeable and articulate. I posted this on the forum but wanted your advice if possible. I have the 2019 base 718 Cayman. I had the H&R VTF lowering springs installed and it lowered my car way, way more than what is stated on the description. On their description, the rears should be lowered maximum .8" and the fronts lowered .8" - 1" But it actually lowered my car: rears and fronts lowered 2.25" This is much lower than I want. It's simply not functional for daily driving. I am not getting a straight answer from the company that did the installation or H&R member services. Is it possible and safe of course to possibly add spring spacers? Any info or advice would be much appreciated!
    First Porsche ·
    Hi Viffermike,

    Our Cayman has the manual six speed w/overdrive. When I first test drove the car there was no clutch noise like a through-out bearing or anything like that and only 6k on the odometer. I took our Porsche to Performance Porsche San Diego a local Porsche independent shop to have them check it out and get the oil/oil filter changed. The owner told me it's a very nice car but the previous owner drove it REALLY hard. I said how can you tell that, he said because the clutch doesn't engage until the upper most part of its travel. I asked if he would adjust it for me but he said you cannot adjust the clutch because it's hydraulic. He said it should engage sooner but the disk is excessively worn for only 6k miles. I asked the owner if he would install a new clutch but told me "Jim, I wouldn't do that until it goes out". Also that a new clutch is not covered under warranty.

    Have not taken it to a Porsche Dealership yet.

    Thank you
    First Porsche ·
    Thanks Viffermike,
    I hope you can coax some better tone out of your Bose system!

    I had a question re: posting a thread about our 2017 cayman that we purchased used with 6,100 miles. It has to do with the purchasing experience and a non-disclosed clutch issue. I know there are many folks here far more savvy about Porsches than myself but maybe some who could benefit from my story.

    I really liked the new body style and what I had researched about the 718. There were no used 718 Caymans in stock at the Porsche Dealerships around greater San Diego. I finally saw one available way north of us at a large MB Dealership. They told me the previous owner did a trade-in for an S-Class Coupe. I thought well that seems fair enough, the 718 should be in like-new condition. That's where my story begins.

    Is it okay/worthwhile to share this with the Forum? I will not identify the dealership or players involved. (Just the chain of events).

    Thank you,
    wriggly ·
    Here ya go. I taught this guy everything he knows. Break In Secrets--How To Break In New Motorcycle and Car Engines For More Power
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