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  1. Rattling noise passenger side in 2018 718 GTS above 70 MPH

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    We recently picked up a 2018 Cayman GTS (CPO). The car has ~2200 miles on it and seems to be in excellent condition. We purchased it from a Porsche dealer across the country. Today is the first day I have actually driven the car for a lengthy period of time / distance and I noticed a rattling...
  2. BLUEBRY Adventure

    BLUEBRY Adventure

  3. WTB: 718 Cayman Exhaust

    Porsche 718 Parts For Sale
    I would like to buy a catback or axleback exhaust for my 2018 718 Cayman. If you have a setup you're interested in selling, please respond to this thread or private message me with what you have.