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  1. CarPlay installation

    Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Just got CarPlay parts from Porsche Marin (cheaper for this particular parts than suncoast and is within my physical reach). My base 718 cayman comes with navigation but no voice control. Sales confirmed that no additional parts were needed besides the CarPlay module. I will do a DIY...
  2. CarPlay, Navigation, and center console USB port: help clarify

    Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    I’ve been chatting with someone on the FB group about adding CarPlay to a base 2018, possibly using the kit that Suncoast sells, and trying to understand what the different factory options add. My 2018 base has the Bose upgrade, but does not have navigation or CarPlay. In my center console, I...
  3. Center console panel gaps after dealer retrofitted Carplay

    718 Boxster/Cayman Issues And Problems
    Hey everyone, I took in my 718 Cayman in to have CarPlay retrofitted, upon receiving my car I noticed the interior panel gaps where the Center console molding meets the dashboard seam does not look well put together. I escalated this issue with my dealer (non US based). The service manager...