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  1. More Porsche New 718 GT4 Exhaust Symphonies Conducted by Fabspeed

    Intake And Exhaust
    Lightweight Competition Exhaust paired with GPF Over Axle Pipes make this sound. Pretty pleasing? Click Here For Yours...
  2. Aftermarket Exhaust Installer SF Bay Area Recommendations?

    Anyone have a good experience with a shop in the SF Bay Area for an aftermarket exhaust install? Even if not specifically for exhaust, I'd like to know of a good aftermarket shop people are happy with around here (South Bay, Peninsula, East Bay pref). Thanks!
  3. SF Bay Area Exhaust Installer

    Hi all, Has anyone had a good experience getting an aftermarket exhaust installed on their 718 in the SF Bay Area, preferably in the South Bay/Peninsula? My 2018 718BS has the stock (non-PSE) exhaust. I'm considering the PSE install at the dealer because of the warranty and seamless...
  4. How Do GPF Delete Pipes Affect The Sound Of A GT4?

    Porsche 718 Cayman GT4
    GPF (Gas particulate filters) are part of the new 2020 718 GT4 exhaust systems from the factory. What happens when these restrictive filters are removed? Well...more power...but what about the sound? Here you go....
  5. 718 Fabspeed Supercup Exhaust Review...Oldie But Very In Depth Goodie

    Intake And Exhaust
    Here is a pretty in depth review of the Fabspeed Supercup Exhaust. Very fair, honest and detailed. Hopefully this will help someone who is considering an exhaust for their 718 and prefers a pretty aggressive sound.
  6. You Want An Exhaust On Your 718 GT4 But Not Sure How Loud You Wanna Go? Here's Help!

    Intake And Exhaust
    Lightweight Competition Exhaust for the Gt4 is just Raw! But the valvetronic gives you that mild to wild adjustability..how does it compare to a Valvetronic setup with the valves in the open setting? Not as different as you may think...See Below..
  7. To Cat or Not to Cat???

    Intake And Exhaust
    Just tossing a quick feeler out for those modifying their 718's...with very well made high flow catalytic converters being pretty readily available these days...are there a good number of folks out there who still prefer to go catless? If so, is it primarily for power gain or for the sound? With...
  8. WTB: 718 Cayman Exhaust

    Porsche 718 Parts For Sale
    I would like to buy a catback or axleback exhaust for my 2018 718 Cayman. If you have a setup you're interested in selling, please respond to this thread or private message me with what you have.
  9. 982 GT4 Cayman vs. 981 GT4 Cayman Exhaust

    Intake And Exhaust
    Mods, if this has been shared already please delete. Give it a chance and watch the entire video, the guy doing the test forgot to activate PSE on the 982. It's done later in the video.