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  1. 2017+ Porsche 718 General Discussion Forum
    I've had my 718 for a little over a month and the new is NOT wearing off! Every day I wake up and make excuses to drive 35 minutes (up the coast) to my office, when I can generally get just as much done from home. I've been living in Sport/Sport+ modes and flipping the PDK to manual. It's such...
  2. Porsche 718 Parts For Sale
    This is a lightly used Porsche 981.1 / 991.1 PDK steering wheel. With paddle shifters. Comes with airbag and with light stock. asking 1500. OBO location is North Hollywood.
  3. Porsche 718 Parts For Sale
    For sale: Alcantara PDK gear knob from car used for 2000 miles. Excellent condition. £200 + Postage
  4. Vehicles For sale
    Hey all -- I’m selling my loaded 2018 Boxster S with 38,000 miles. I'm moving out of the country soon, so shoot me an offer. Here’s a brief summary: – 7-speed PDK gearbox – Miami Blue (one of the most desirable colors on any Porsche / no longer in production) – Clean title in hand – Black...
    $69,900 USD
  5. Porsche 718 Owners Registry And Check In Area
    Just recently ordered a new Porsche Cayman 718 GTS - Colour Crayon, PDK, some nice options what are your thoughts on colour
  6. Porsche 718 Cayman GT4
    For all of you manual 718 GT4 Owners do you find that the gears are too long in your car to really enjoy it on the street? Ride too rough or too compliant? How about the exhaust? What would change about your car to make it more enjoyable? Not that it isn't one of the most amazing drivers cars to...
  7. 2017+ Porsche 718 General Discussion Forum
    Hey all, New to this forum and new to Porsche in general. I am eyeing either a 2020 (or 2021) Boxster, specifically GTS model and have a ton of questions but wanted to start off with 2 below 1. PDK or manual ? I have always driven manual and am always leery of something I don't have...
  8. 2017+ Porsche 718 General Discussion Forum
    I have a question about downshifting before a bend in the road with my 2019 718. I'd like to manually downshift a gear or two approaching the bend, then let the PDK take over automatically as I accelerate through the turn. It works fine by moving the selector lever to the left, downshifting...
  9. Service And Maintenance
    Does anyone have information regarding how to complete the PDK service at the 50,000 mile mark? At the 50,000 mile mark, do you just drain and install new clutch fluid? I would think the maintenance procedure(s) for the 718 cars wouldn't be much different than the other PDK transmission...
  10. 2017+ Porsche 718 General Discussion Forum
    It was suggested that my comments about accessing the performance limits of a PDK 718 in the ‘Return of the F6’ thread was derailing the discussion . . . so I resorted to a new thread. In brief, I dislike the soundtrack of my 718 CGTS at low RPMs. Tolerable when wound out to higher RPMs, where...
1-10 of 10 Results