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I definitely love the car except two issues. One, I live in busy urban stop and go city. When the RPM decelerate under 1.5k in Comfort I can feel the engine is not so smooth like it is being forced to decelerate. The engine vibrates a bit, I pick up the accelerator right away so It makes a clutch engage/rpm drop up and down. I think it sport mode this doesn't happen since RPM holds higher. I am guessing this is how a four banger feels. Kind of similar to a CLA45 except AMG lags real badly with a unrefined gear box. This occurs the most when I drive real slow like in parking lots and major traffic jam.

Second, I am not a fan of this 2.5 engine. I don’t have PSE and I kept wondering if I should have order it until I watched 718 GTS clips. It is just night and day with the last gen 981 GTS. I am quite surprised all the aftermarket for the 2.5 does not sound so pleasant to my ears. It is exactly what all the reviewers on YouTube said so.

718 Boxster S handles better, even sharper and tighter steering. Extremely nimble and it is faster than 981 GTS.

I will need to head down to dealer next week for my annual oil change. Maybe my PDK needs an update? My 718 is 2016 Dec build.

PDK, PASM -20mm, PTV, Sport Chrono
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