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10 reasons why you shouldn't worry about the 718 boxter

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If you've ever considered the 718 boxter, but couldn't quite decide, here's 10 items to help ease your mind :)

It definitely helped me to decide whether I should get the boxter for sure or not.

Based on Jason Barlow (an insider) for Top Gear:

1. It’s a Porsche, so it’s going to be good, no matter how many cylinders it has

2. They aren’t slow

3. It might look like a mid-cycle makeover, but it’s much more than that

4. It’s a Porsche, so it’ll handle brilliantly

5. It has the same (optional) Sport Chrono and Mode thingy as the latest 911

6. Porsche has serious form when it comes to four-pot cars

7. It also has serious form when it comes to Turbos

8. The cabin is beautifully made

9. It has the fuel economy of a cheap Nineties Korean hatchback

10. It comes with a proper manual gearbox

Full details here: http://www.topgear.com/car-news/insider/ten-reasons-why-you-shouldnt-worry-about-718-boxster#1
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Of course it will be good.But I do think that it can't rest on laurels, others are doing a better job now.
Yeah, even the from the globe and mail article:

Even tho it's not perfec 10/10, i'll accept 85%. :)
Looks: The shape of the car hasn’t changed all that much, but it has been enhanced by larger front air intakes, double-vane side air intakes, new headlights and clear glass tail lights.

Interior: If the driver manages to wedge him or herself behind the wheel, they will discover a well-tailored environment that places a sharp focus on all the critical controls.

Performance: The new 718 has posted a 16-second gain around the Nürburgring Nordschleife compared to the previous version. That’s a big improvement for a car with a smaller displacement engine.

Technology: A car such as this doesn’t require a great sound system, semi-autonomous driving systems or even Bluetooth connectivity. So these systems aren’t the focus of this roadster.

Cargo: Weekend getaway bags? No problem. A set of golf clubs? Problem. Skis? Bigger problem.

The Verdict

More power, more torque, better fuel efficiency, better braking – what’s not to like?
Wait, do they have android auto? I like using Google maps for weekend trips and I'm a bit directionally challenged.
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