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19x11 rear fitment.. Confirmed once and for all!

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Hey all, been searching through all the forums about if a 19x11 wheel will fit the 718 Cayman. Couldn't find a straight answer, so I decided to try it myself since I had a set in my basement. So the wheels are for a 991.1 911CS, in the specs of 19x11 +63. I first tried a 10mm spacer, but the inner barrel of the wheel hits the track rod arm. I then used a 15mm, and BINGO! Effective offset of +48mm

The outside sticks out 10mm compared to the 19x10 +45, so realistically, it fits like a 19x10 +35 wheel. Now on the inner side is where the magic happens. Tire and strut clearance have 5mm, which is plenty enough, and about 4mm for the track rod and inner barrel.

Of course I did take pictures and mind you, the tires on it right now is the wrong size (305/30-19), the new size would be either 295/35-19 (5.5mm smaller in diameter) or 305/35-19 (1.5mm bigger in diameter).
I have about -2.0* of camber in the rear.

EDIT* I realized i put this in brakes and suspension, if an admin can move this back to Wheels and Tires, I'd greatly appreciate it.


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Excellent information on clearances. (y)
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