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One Sunday when out window shopping for a car for my oldest son my, obviously, better half said I should stop at the Porsche dealership next door because it had a couple vehicles in Chalk on the lot. Both were 2018 718s. Basically I either buy my son a new car (not a Porsche) or buy myself a new car. After a couple of days thinking about it I scheduled a test drive and drove home in a 718 ? same day and my son got my 2017 Golf GTI ?

Love driving it every single day. I typically only put around 4k/yr on my vehicles but I put 4k in just the first few months driving all over Texas Hill Country and the decent drives around Houston (you can find them if you search long enough ?) that I could find. Best thing is that fall is finally here - More Drive time!

Hotty Toddy!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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