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2 1/2 weeks in - A few questions

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I've had my GTS now about 2 1/2 weeks now, and I have a few questions.

After configuring the individual setting I lose these settings after turning the car off. How do I make it so that I don't lose these settings?

When I backup my mirrors drop so I can see what is behind me better. But when I put the car into drive the mirrors don't go back. I have to hit my memory button. Is this normal?

Lastly, every time I start the car the the temperature is set to 72 and the fan is on. I turn this off every time I get in the car. Is there some setting to turn this off, or adjust the setting?
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Welcome to the 718 community.

My car has the ability to store my settings. It may be part of the ergonomic/memory package which every car doesn't have. So I don't know if what I do applies to you. My car can store two different user sets in the car, and also in the key so that two different keys can be customized for two drivers.

Look for a set of small buttons on the driver's door toward the front just below the window. I think the labels are "Store", "1", "2", and a key symbol. If you have them, touch store and then one of the other three buttons. That will save the car's current settings into whichever button you touched.

If you stored it in the key then the settings will return as soon as you start the car. If you stored it into slot 1 or 2, push that button to make the car apply them. (If your setting involves moving the seat or steering wheel you have to hold the button until the moving stops.)

I believe that includes most of the car's customizable settings such as the mirror behavior. The mirror can be set to move or not move. I think they call it reverse assist. You can find it in one of the settings screens in the rightmost instrument display. (I tried turning reverse assist on, wasn't sure I liked it so I turned it off. If I touch the right side mirror button after I put the PDK into reverse the mirror goes down, and then returns anyway. Do it is essentially a manually operated reverse assist.)

I think it also includes the climate control settings, but I could be wrong on that.

These cars have so many different configurations that it is hard to predict what you do or don't have.
Yes, "Memory Package" which comes as part of either "Premium Package" if either of the latter is optioned. I assume almost all have it.
@jimmuller and @Third - Thanks for replying! Based on what you guys just said I think I can get the AC and Fan to be off. Thanks for the info. I believe it was on at the dealer when they had me set personal settings not realizing the AC was on (It was in the mid 70s in Reno that day). So that makes sense why they come on. I'm going to head out to the car in a bit, set things how I like it, and then save the memory option.

So the individual setting I was referring to is the mode selector dial (normal, sport, sport+). It looks as if I didn't explain this properly.
If you have automatic climate control, the temperature you store in with your key or driver's settings on the door will be remembered until you store a new temperature. Whether that temperature requires heat or AC to attain, and the fan speed, is determined by the car. I suppose you could turn off the HVAC system entirely and store that as your default, but I have never tried that.

As for the SportChrono's "Individual" setting, you can store that to your key once configured as you want it as well. If change the settings but don't store them, it'll return to its configuration prior to your changes the next time you start the car.
I'm pretty sure there's a difference between what is saved on the key and on the #1 and #2.
Right. Assuming your settings have been stored in your key, the car will revert to those settings each time that key is used to start the car.
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