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2 year $ervice

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Just rolled past 2 years of ownership-delivered 2 March at PECATL. Only 9000 miles but time-dictated interval. At same time needed recall for intake screens (no parts for the fuel line recall yet). After all said and done-$935!! (I do miss BMW’s free maintenance...). Included oil, brake fluid service, both filters (cabin and engine), and the usual “inspections”. I love the inclusion of the line item: “free loaner-a $100 value...” on the invoice. The inspections noted rear tires at 5/32 remaining. They offered to give me a price on tires-boy did they. Only N-spec tires in 18” currently are Dunlop, Pirelli and Goodyear-no Michelin yet. They gave me the estimate sheet and tire prices are what I’d expect from dealer: $210-$250 depending on brand and F/R and then there was the install-$225 per tire!!-Holy bat$#*&!! I politely said “thank you” and “have a nice day”...

On a related note. They gave me a 2019 Cayenne for a loaner. I am not a fan of the new info/console set-up. All former buttons on either side of shifter are now touch (under a smoked smooth screen) and apparently are “haptic” as they are not visible until your finger is close or touching. So you must take your eyes off the road to see what you are activating/de-activating, etc. I suppose it is more upscale than have a row of blanks if you don’t get all the toys, but a bit confusing. And then the shifter is shades of Jeep/BMW, etc. Very un-intuitive. Someone is going to have a new Porsche roll away or over them when they get out and don’t realize it is not in park.
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this is a little off topic but what is the fuel line recall?

NVM i found it.
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