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Hello! I ordered my very first Porsche in September from the dealer in downtown Los Angeles (I live out of state in Nevada). It's a custom build and I'm so excited to get it because it is literally my dream car. It was supposed to be ready for pick-up in late December but it has since been "delayed at the port." I talked to my sales guy yesterday and after months of promised delivery dates, he said that now it will be held up in port "indefinitely."

I'm not upset about waiting because hey, it's a huge car payment I don't have to pay until they hand over the keys, but is this something I should be worried about? It's weird not knowing when I will have to travel down to L.A. to pick up my new baby, but I'm also concerned about how it's being held at the port. Is it sitting outside getting exposed to the salt air? Is it enclosed? Is something terribly wrong with the shipment? What is the real story about why it's not being released to the dealer?

I'm hoping someone has experience with this and can ease my mind or tell me what you'd do in my situation. I've already signed the paperwork and put down my $5k nonrefundable deposit, so the car is mine -- as soon as I can get it!
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