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2019 Auto Stop/Start

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If it's true that the 2019 model year 718's will have an auto stop/start "feature" that remembers the last setting on shutoff, do you think it will be something Porsche can swap out on earlier 718 versions?

I know there is an aftermarket product that will do that but I would rather wait and have Porsche do it if it's going to be possible.
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The on-line specs for my 2018 Cayman had the same language. However, that feature did not survive the trip across the Atlantic for any version of the 982. So I am skeptical that the 2019 982 (at least in the US) would somehow go back to less fuel efficient setting of allowing the car to retain the last auto start-stop setting.
I do not have a menu option like that. My SA said that on some models you can assign the on/off function to the diamond key on the optional steering wheel, but since I don't have either PDK or Sport Chrono, I cannot do that. Is that what you are talking about?
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