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2019 Auto Stop/Start

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If it's true that the 2019 model year 718's will have an auto stop/start "feature" that remembers the last setting on shutoff, do you think it will be something Porsche can swap out on earlier 718 versions?

I know there is an aftermarket product that will do that but I would rather wait and have Porsche do it if it's going to be possible.
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The memory module from T-Design will remember the last settings for auto start/stop, PSE, Sport and Sport+. Super easy to install and easily reversible. However, it does not remember sport settings if you have the steering wheel knob (Sports Chrono package). It does work on MY2018, don't know about MY2019, you should contact the vendor to be sure.

A bit pricey, but what isn't for this brand. You can get it here: Memory Module for sport button and auto start stop for Porsche 911, 991, 981, 718, 958, Boxster, Cayman, Cayenne
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