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2019 BGTS build choices (long)

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I am trying to finalize my build and I am struggling with Nav vs Headlights vs Stereo. I have self imposed a max build price of $103,000 as I am already $12,000 over my original BS build, but remembering the advice of someone on a forum that said you only really regret the option you didn't get. I do expect to keep this car 6+ years as long as the maintenance costs do not eat me up.

My current build: PKCHQRZ1 which is at my price limit.

GT Silver Metallic U2 $650

Roadster Top in Black 4V $0

Leather Interior in Black/Dark Silver with Sport-Tex Seat Centers i.c.w. Sport Seats Plus TD $2,160

Premium Package Plus i.c.w. Adaptive Sport Seats Plus (18-way) P9I $1,970

Deletion of Model Logo 498 $0

Deletion of "GTS" Decal on Doors 712 $0

LED Headlights with Porsche Dynamic Light System Plus 602 $2,140

Power Folding Exterior Mirrors 748 $330

"PORSCHE" Logo in Satin Black 519 $220

7-speed Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK) 250 $3,730

Lane Change Assist (LCA) 457 $700

Heated Multifunction Steering Wheel 489 $470

Adaptive Sport Seats Plus (18-way) with Memory Package P07 $3,030

Smoking Package 583 $0

Luggage Net in Passenger Footwell 581 $0

Voice Control i.c.w. Navigation including Porsche Connect QH1 $0

BOSE® Surround Sound System 9VL $990

Apple CarPlay® incl. Siri® 9WT $360

Navigation including Porsche Connect P40 $2,320


While my head tells me that a great stereo is wasted in a small convertible and I feel the Bose is "OK", I have always regretted not getting the B&O (vs Bose) in my Audi S7 because it was a $6k plus option as I needed to also go from Prem+ to Prestige. I have not been able to audition a Boxster Burmester and see very few comments on this forum about it. I will be primarily listening to Satellite radio and some CD's, although I would consider some lossless downloads. Many have said Satellite will negate some of the Burmester advantages. Even at my age I admit I love tons of Bass. I play my stereo fairly load, but not extremely.

Any comments on the Burmesester both top up (80%) and down (20%)?

In order to cover the $3,800 Burmester delta I am considering removing:

LED headlights: I have poor night vision and love the LED headlights on my S7. Have heard some negative comments on the brightness of the base Xenon bulbs and we do country road (lot of deer around) night driving.

Apple Car Play: I am long time Android user and was including this "just in case".

Lane Change Assist: Use this on my other cars and Boxster has terrible blind spot with top up.

Heated Multi-function wheel: Don't care about heating. Just not sure if phone answer/hangup will be awkward without wheel controls.

Navigation: Will use this car for a lot of roadtrips to new places where I need navigation. Not sure how well Porsche manages combo of Bluetooth (if I route my Android phone Nav through car audio) and Stereo.

Porsche Easy Entry: This one is really important to my wife who will share this car.

Power folding mirrors: I wouldn't miss this one too much but it is just $330.

Ambient LED interior: included this with low expectations since it was only $200 extra as part of Premium Plus.

Seats and sport-tex are locked in.

I know I could go back to BS from BGTS and eliminate PTV and save a little, but I love all the GTS black tints/accents and my dealer will freak out if I change my model again. I also think GTS resale will be better since many of the options are in base price which depreciates less than options.

Sorry for such a long post. I really appreciate feedback.

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Just throwing in my 2 cents on audio (Re: Burmester), and I’ll keep it real simple and save you some $. Stay with the Bose. Not for quality comparisons, but for noise floor. Burmester was designed for platforms such as the Panamera where the cabin of the vehicle is not dominated by the sound of the engine. You’re throwing your money away if you expect to get what the audio promises from Burmester in the environment of the Cayman.

I know of what I speak as I almost made the same option purchase. Knowing now that saving with the Bose system, and enjoying that for a period of time before I swap out the speakers, has made the other options I maxed out on much easier to justify.

Spec it out fully, then come back and ask what’s the minimum you’d be happy with (and are comfortable with spending).

P.S. IMO once you go 18 way (seats), you’ll never go back.

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