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Hello Community, my cayman is powered with 2.5 turbo 4 and I just had my first full service at around 6k miles (1year). All went well as per the diagnostics. My concern is as follows.
Often when in sport or sport plus mode, I reach 6000 RPM, my oil pressure guage jumps to the red zone with a reading of roughly 74 PSI. once the PDK downshifts, the pressure drops to the mid sixties. I tried several other tests on a safe highway for example at say 80 MPH, manually shifting down to 4th gear, then the PSI again hit the the maximum in the gauge redzone at 74 PSI. Important to note that there were no warning lights for pressure, oil temp or water temp during these accelerations. I brought the car to Porsche service and they ran a computer test and found no faults in the system.

This should have given relief but I'm still concerned as I will be tracking the car in October and need to be convinced 100% that the oil system is running normal. Any thoughts, experiences shared would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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