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First it was the Cayman GT4 and now we’re treated to Porsche’s new 718 Boxster Spyder in all its camouflage free glory.

Developed alongside its Cayman GT4 sibling, the Boxster Spyder is wearing a familiar Sport Design grille similar to what you’d find on Porsche’s GTS models. Equally eye catching are the vehicle’s new skirts, sporty set of wheels, and a speedster-styled low-slung cloth roof that’s unique to the Spyder. In fact, the top’s streamlined and lightweight design pays homage to its 1960s 718 Spyder predecessor.

Other features mentioned by Motor Authority includes a lowered suspension system, aggressive aero kit, uprated brakes, larger air intakes and polished steering.

Hiding under its bonnet could be a tuned turbocharged flat-4 engine, which is already found in the base model Boxster, or maybe even an updated 3.8-liter flat-six motor borrowed from the 2016 model. But we’ll probably see a more powerful naturally aspirated flat-6 unit powering the new Boxster Spyder.

Seeing as how the outgoing 718 Boxster GTS can deliver 365 horsepower and the out of production Boxster Spyder cranked out 385 ponies, the new 718 Boxster Spyder should have an output of at least 400 hp. Pair that with a dual-clutch transmission (unconfirmed) and it could sprint from 0-60 mph in around 4 seconds with a top speed above 180 mph.

An official debut should take place in a few month and then we’ll have the full specs for both models.
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