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2020 US 718 Configurator now available

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Just noticed the 2020 US 718 configurator is now available. New color of Aventurine Green is my new favorite! Pricing went up slightly.

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Looks like they removed it completely from their website! Interesting. Geneva is around the corner and my guess is we shall see/hear something very soon. ;)

As for Aventurine Green - it's simply stunning in person. My retailer had a Cayman and Boxster just delivered which I drooled over for quite some time. It almost tempted me to switch my order from Crayon but alas the interior wouldn't have gone with it.
I think black seems to be the right interior that complements the Aventurine. Wished they have a Lizard Green seatbelt option that can make the interior stand out. It exists for the T models, but not for the regular 718s.
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1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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