Hey all -

Maybe not 718 specific and a long shot given the timing BUT I have an extra pair of Porsche VIP tickets for the 24 next weekend. Bought them on good faith for a friend of mine and his wife - but he had an unexpected job change that prevented him from going. I had them re-sold and the buyer bailed on me last minute. I'm just trying to recoup my money here. These sold out super fast and there's still a waiting list with PCNA.

Includes 3 days of access to the Porsche High Banks Suite (which is in the grandstands, on the outside of T1.). Dedicated lounge, big recliners and big screen TVs, dedicated outdoor seating as well. Chef prepared meals, open bar, dedicated shuttle service in/out of the infield (no trams with the riff-raff!) and VIP parking right next to the suite entrance.

I've done these every year since 2014 and they are excellent.

I already have the parking pass in my possession. The tickets are distributed via email from PCNA - I just have to add your name to the contact list, which I will CC you on with my representative at PCNA if we come to a deal. I'll be arriving in Daytona late Thursday night so we can find time either then, or Friday morning, so I can get you the parking pass.