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Hello All,

After two trips (about 30 miles of driving in typical urban traffic), i parked in a shopping plaza with the engine running (AC on) for about 10-15 minutes when these 4 error codes popped up.

The car is a 2018 Cayman base. 7200miles. 10000 mile service was done early about 1300 miles ago. Only other work has been a wheel sensor under warranty.

I turned the car off and started it. Same errors persisted. Drove it about 3 miles and repeated the restart. Popped back up. Called the local dealer service department. They said i can bring it by but it will be 2 days before they can look at it. The service advisor felt it was a battery voltage issue . He advised to drive it a bit and see if it resets.

A 3 mile drive later, it was reduced to one error (the engine control fault). I let it rest for about 30 minutes and restarted. No codes. Drove it another 30 miles the same day with no codes. 2 days later, there has been no more fault codes. FYI

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