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50f on Monday? Yes please!

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I joined the Porsche club and more specifically the 718 group 2 weeks ago.

I was not at all expecting to buy when I visited the Porsche dealer for the first time ever. The experience was excellent. The salesperson assigned to me took me out in a loaded Cayman S without me having to pry or anything. It was as effortless as asking the guy at the shoe store if they have your size in the back. ****, I didn’t even ask to test drive, he asked me. I told him this car was well out of my range and I was more than likely just looking for a base Cayman. He didn’t care. Driving that car changed my car driving life. I’ve owned a couple BMWs, one very fast 335i even, and this 718 S was just a completely different animal. He scolded me when I slowed down too much before turns, encouraged me to gun it through the turns familiar to him on this common test drive route through the back country roads of Pennsylvania. Wow. It felt different.

2 weeks after that first visit I came back with my Wife to drive the base. I loved it, but knew that when it came time to make a purchase I didn’t know that I’d ever be able to say a base 2.0 could be my “dream car”. Don’t get me wrong, I think the 2.0 is all I’d ever need and amazing for my geographic location that is primarily twisty turny, not wide open straights. I would never tell anyone the 2.0 isn’t enough. These are some properass sports cars and 300 hp is plentiful on this chasis. But, I knew I’d always have the lingering thought of, “should I have gotten an S?”.

This story should have already been a lot shorter, but to skip ahead I was tempted by the most gorgeous blacked out 718 GTS on the showroom floor that just happened to be a 2018 leftover that they were more than willing to discount fairly.
Legitimately a dream come true.
Unfortunately it’s only been getting colder up here in PA and with Summer tires I’ve taken it very easy so far.
Monday is fixing to be 50* F and I am going to open this bad bitch up :) I can hardly wait. And before the comments about break in period, I’m not worried. Unlimited mile warranty for about 4.5 years total based on the deal I worked out. That gives me all the peace of mind I need.


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As far as the full break in period I do think it’s mostly just legal speak. If they can get you to admit to driving crazy fun before the 1500 maybe they can void warranty. I’ve read a lot about break ins (not Porsche specifically) and most sources I would trust seem to think there’s really not all that much to it. Plus my dealer let me drive the other cars WOT and I’m sure the other sales people there encourage the same at this very high volume dealer.
Thank you for all the feedback!
They don't need to get you to admit anything. They have a log right in the ECU telling them when you over-reved the car and by how much. By over-reving I don't mean over the red line.

The following article defines the over-rev stages for an older Boxster (987) which has a different red line, but you get the idea.

You can ask for a Pre Purchase Inspection report about over-revs record, if you know this a-priori. You can see how many times WOT was used in the first 10 hrs of your car of choice.
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