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6 piston front and 996tt rear calipers installed.
1. Oem GTS-4pistons calipers vs 6 piston calipers.
2. Oem pads vs Gt-3 pads. Huge difference!!
3. 996tt rear calipers needed to use 350mm Girodisc rear rotors.
4. Rotors are Girodisc 350mm front and rear.
5. Girodisc stud kit. Includes thread chaser. Very easy too install.

Notice how the pads contact area is maximize, both on the caliper and rotors. Calipers can be red or yellow.

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They are oem 991 carrera s calipers. I believe they are the same as in the 718 GTS 4.0. I can take a photo of the part #’s.
I have not finished yet. Waiting for the brake pad wear sensor.
The rear pads are the same basic shape but wider to cover the 350mm rotor instead of the oem 299mm. You can see in the rear caliper photo that the pads cover all the way across the 350mm rotor. Sorry no photo. A lot more contact area. The main objective is to have a lot more rear rotor mass as heat sink. Thus the larger diameter, 350 vs 299mm, and thicker, i believe, not sure 30 vs 20 mm.
Did change the MC from 25mm to 27mm pistons.
Will reprogram ecu as if the car has PCCB brakes.

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I have had those calipers on mine for over a year. Here's the part #'s for a full factory upgrade, I upgraded the rear 2 spots to 4 spots & changed the master cylinder as well (all straight bolt ons):

718S Front Brake Upgrade Parts (991.2S 350mm Front Discs)

99135142315 Caliper Left x 1
99135142415 Caliper Right x 1
99906705309 Caliper Mounting Bolt x 4
99135194702 Brake Pad Set x 1
9P1615301E Brake Rotor Left x 1
9P1615302E Brake Rotor Right x 1
99135558103 Brake Pipe Left x 1
99135558203 Brake Pipe Right x 1
99160918100 Front Brake Pad Wear Sensor x 2

718S Rear Brake Upgrade Parts (981 Spyder 330mm Rear Discs)

99135242414 Rear Brake Caliper (right)
99135242314 Rear Brake Caliper (left)
99135293902 Rear Brake Pads x 1 set
99906705309 Caliper Mounting Bolt x 4
98135240300 Brake Rotor Left x 1
98135240400 Brake Rotor Right x 1
98135558204 Rear Brake Line (right) x 1
98135558104 Rear Brake Line (left) x 1
99160918300 Rear Brake Warning Contact/Sensor x 2

718S Master Cylinder Upgrade (991.2S/981 Spyder 27mm Master Cylinder)

99135513027 (PML496) Master Cylinder x 1
99135501302 Expansion tank x 1
WHT005308 Outer hexagon round screw M 5 X 51

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The front axle setup is exactly as your. As is the master cylinder used. The rear axle setup is different as I use 996tt rear calipers/ spacers/Gt-3 pads and 350 x 28mm Girodisc rear rotors. My main objectives are to increase and maximize the heat sink capacity at the rear and improving the brake pedal feel. Thanks for the part # list.

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what is the function of the Master Cylinder? Do i need to upgrade it necessary? Thanks
My thoughts are if you don't know what a master cylinder is, you certainly don't want to do this yourself. I would also question why you would want to do it since I'm guessing you probably don't even know if you're currently getting everything out of the oem configuration.
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