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718 Box S arrived today

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We ordered a 718 BS MT6 in December 2017 but never had a date for delivery/allocation when I traded my '09 911S MT6. The dealer gave me a much better deal on the trade than any other dealer by $10K and discounted the 718 by 5%, but the lack of an allocation was troubling. Our ordered 718BS would have been agate, black/chalk, Bose,Premium Plus, etc. But that was only if the allocation came through. Two weeks ago without an allocation date we decided to do a search for an existing '18 718BS. Our dealer for a similar MT6 unit, but midnight blue, black sand, blue top, premium plus, no Bose. The car arrived today but we won't be able to pick it up until 3/3. Can't wait to break it in! Pix to follow.
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Lucky you. Can't wait to see the pics.
Congrats. When it arrives, put the top down and get some rays!
Congrats! I got mine Dec 4 and finally broke it in last week. Worth the wait!
Now where to garage the new car...

Dilemma: In the PHL 'burbs for April through October vs Tucson for November through March. Definitely a first world issue. Just don't want to keep one in each location, but transporting twice a year is a real possibility.
Or drive it from PHL to Tucson....it is a very comfortable road car.
and then there was pics, or not

No pix yet. Waiting for salesperson to forward them to us on the road.
Congrats! Nothing like picking up a new Porsche!
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