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718 BS: Four’s A Party - Ignition Ep. 171

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So how many times is Motor Trend going to review the 718? I just did a quick google search and there are many previous reviews by Motor Trend.
Just finished watching this before I came on to the forums haha. Was actually quite interesting to see how close it came to the Cayman GT4. With a set of slicks, I think it would have beat it no problem. Of course a marginal difference which could have been made up/lost extremely easily but... still cool nonetheless.
Sorry Mr Reviewer, but I get a ton of excitement from my 781 Boxster S when I'm driving it on the road and I betcha I've owned more Porsches than you so I have some pretty good reference points.

More "pile on" the sound issue.
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I should have been more clear in my earlier post. My point is like that of photonscience--the sound is blah blah blah--if only the sound was better it would be a perfect car. Really? Just more "pile on." I also have a ton of fun in this car and enjoy the Turbo sound!!!
All these reviews do seem to harp on about the sound. It sounds amazing IMO. It is different from my 987 Cayman S, but not worse or boring. I love getting to drive this car every day.

If they are so upset about turbo noise, what will they be saying when all car are electric? Do they hate Teslas?
In my car addiction, I've owned the last three generations of Porsche 911 turbos. None of them sounded as good with stock exhaust as my 718 Boxster S, nor did any of them give me as much pleasure in day-to-day driving.

Not to start an argument (and I apologize in advance), but the way to make day-to-day driving more involving in any car has less to do with the sound, but more the choice of transmission. In routine driving, it's just too easy to let PDK do the shifting. Legal speeds with PDK just isn't as involving as doing so with a good stick. Maybe if you have a loud wailing engine-exhaust sound (ala Ferrari or Lambos), driving slow with an automatic is exciting, but no N/A Porsche sounds that good
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