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Picked up my new '18 Cayman Base here in So Cal two weeks ago... MT, white, very lightly optioned (Bose, lane assist, heated seats, larger fuel tank). The build was amazingly VERY close to what I would have optioned if I would have ordered it myself, so I feel very fortunate to have stumbled on my "perfect" find (and at around $58k MSRP, it was much lighter on the wallet and an easier sell to the wife ;)). The 250ish miles I've put on so far have been uber-enjoyable and I look forward to many more. A few early observations:

- I'm 6'6" and long-legged... I am very comfortable in this car, both head- and leg-room wise. I sat in a '06 Cayman S a few months back and I would've never made that work.
- I've become addicted to the sound in Sport mode, and it's the first button I push once I've started her up (not to mention it defeats the auto-off function which is a blessing). I read several articles that poo-poo'd the new flat-four's sound and exhaust note but I've not experienced that disappointment.
- I'm irritated that Porsche has not included Android Auto for its PCM... it wasn't a deal-breaker but I'm an avid "non-Apple" guy and wish/hope Porsche will reconsider providing an update (that I'd gladly pay for by the way).

Having come from the 911 fold (see my signature line) I was initially somewhat skeptical about the Cayman and was looking at used late-model 997s as an option... then I read an article that compared the 718 to the beloved 993 (I've owned two) and said their size, horsepower, performance, and visceral feel were very similar. I can say personally that after my first test drive, I concur with the comparison and continue to have that same feeling every time I drive the 718.

Anyway, great to be here and look forward to many miles of spirited motoring!
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