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718 Cayman Driven Through History

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Founded in 1906, the Targa Florio is an open road endurance race spanning the mountain trails of Sicily near Palermo.

The first few races encompasses the whole island and the original 148 km "Grande" circuit consisted of around 2,000 corners per lap. It wasn’t until the race’s last decades that the route was limited to 72 kilometres (45 mi) of the Circuito Piccolo delle Madonie. While the routes may have seen some changes from year to year, the 72 km (45 mi) Piccolo circuit that had around 900 corners was lapped 11 times. 1960 was the year Porsche won the Targa Florio at the hands of Hans Herrmann and Jo Bonnier.

This route is where the new 718 Cayman retraces its history.

Where better to push a Miami Blue Cayman S to its limits than the original proving ground of the 718 RS 60. Even though the original tiny mid-engined flat-four sounds like it would pale in comparison to the new turbocharged flat-four, its 170 horsepower was still impressive at the time and with a lightweight chassis, the car easily handled those corners and took first place.

With its weight distribution optimized, the Cayman S could carve though this historic route just as easily as the 718 RS 60 did.

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With the technology today they should indeed be able to accomplish that, the only thing I can see holding it back is weight. Maybe with a lighter version we could see it get the best lap times of anything in the segment.
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