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718 On a ship - How long now?

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Hi. My Cayman is on the Brasilia Highway - headed for San Diego, I think.

How do I find the schedule to determine when it is scheduled to dock in San Diego, and does anyone know how long it might take to reach my dealer in Long Beach, CA?

Thanks so much for any guidance you could provide - I can't wait to drive it!
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Check out https://www.marinetraffic.com/

It takes about two weeks to cross the Atlantic. So I'd suspect at least another 2-4 weeks to get to SanDiego.

Then once in the port expect about a week if all goes well to get to the dealer. Then another few days for them to prep it for delivery.
Once the ship carrying your vehicle docks in port on the scheduled date, you can ask your SA for an update on the timeline. Once its in the port, expect to wait about 1-2 weeks more, including 1 week at the port, and 1 week for transportation and preparation for your pickup day.
Thanks so much. I sure wish I could find an itinerary showing when it is scheduled to arrive at each port.
Thanks so much. I sure wish I could find an itinerary showing when it is scheduled to arrive at each port.
Try a search for the ship name at its parent company. That worked for me--but be aware that even those schedules can change without notice.

Ship transit time from Emden to San Diego is typically about a month. Of course, there may be delays due to ship congestion at port calls along the way; delays awaiting transit of the Panama Canal, and potential weather delays.

Once the ship is through the canal and about a week away from San Diego, it should start showing-up on the San Diego dock schedule.

If there happens to be congestion at the San Diego dock when the ship arrives, it can either sit at anchor, or it may by diverted to Long Beach to offload Mercedes, or Point Hueneme to offload BMW's, before returning to San Diego. Once your car is off the ship, anticipate another 5 days or so to get to your Long Beach dealership.
Below is a link for the Port of San Diego. Enjoy the adventure!

San Diego Marine Information Systems - Maritime Information - Vessel Schedule
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