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718 Rear wing spoiler extended myself within 1hour 1

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I extended my spoiler.
It's nice seeing and a great look !
Also possible to demound and go for standard settings.
See the photo's yourself.


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Nice job, very original! Maybe you could provide us with a ‘howto’?
It's easy DIY within one hour complete done, and original look !
With my own developed parts and idea this is a nice alternative comparing all Tunings companies...
US $ 185,= (Ex works) -->>The parts with DIY guideline included.
Parts made in Holland.

Best regards,
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The spolier is in down postion 4 Cm high.
In Up position spoiler is 8-9 Cm High.
Photo shoot next week available .
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1) Dismount the spoiler.
2) Remove all nuts.
3) Install the extender.
4) Align the extender.
5) Mount the bolt.
6) Secure the bolt with Loctite.
7) Mount the spoiler with original nut.

(Price is not 185 ----> Us Dollar 85,= complete (type mis match).
BR Roger
Indeed the extenders are manufactured parts from aloy anodised.
The set is complete with bolts and guideline.
Due a fault in typing a revised --> the correct price is $ 85,= (ex works).
It still retracts as usual but stays 3 Cm out.
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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