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718 S GTS GiroDisc Rotor Install - Review

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Just thought I'd post my experience/review of the Girodisc Rotors for 718 S/GTS models.

Firstly, the larger GiroDisc are not any lighter than OEM but with the alloy hats the weights come out very similar so there is not really any weight penalisation. If you want to go lighter carbon ceramics seem to be the only option.

I used our regular bathroom scales so not the most accurate but you get an idea:

OEM Front 330mm Rotor 9.7kg, GiroDisc 350mm Front Rotor 10.3kg (measured ~ 353mm)

OEM Rear 299mm Rotors 5.6kg, GiroDisc 325mm Rear Rotors 5.7kg (note these measured closer to ~322mm)

As far as braking goes there might be a perceived psychological improvement but otherwise no issues and I have not noticed any fade even after 5 or 6 laps on a short track. I did have to get my workshop to adjust the rear E-brake so the hub tolerances must have been marginally different.

Asthetically I think they look nice, particularly the anodised alloy hats in contrast to the OEM Porsche rotors which always look rusty.

Here is what's in the kit including front and rear caliper spacers and longer bolts:



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The calipers fit the larger rotors without issues? The pads are covering the full width of the rotor? What pads did you go with?
I'm still using OEM pads as I don't track regularly so still have a bit of life with them.

Notice in the first couple of photos the spacers which move the caliper out slightly further to accomodate the larger rotor.

Pad coverage is good, but you can go the larger 6 piston caliper if you need more.

I should add there is also a stud conversion kit for the caliper bolts if you are a regular track driver and need to change your pads a lot.
Thanks for the reply. Larger calipers would certainly be better, but obviously in a different stratosphere in terms of cost. So the pads engage the full width of the braking surface? If not, wouldn't the benefits of the conversion be lost? How is the feel vs stock? Also, isn't it good practice to change the pads when installing new rotors so they can bed together properly?
Random question: Do these giro disc rotors rust up quickly like the stock rotors do when washing the vehicle?
Not at all. I was just in the garage tinkering around and admired how "polished" they look - like a mirror - and the car has been siting idle for about a month. My 911 has PCCBs and I'd say the GiroDisc look even better. Very happy I made this upgrade. They do dust, but no where near the amount that the OEM rotors do. They also do not oxidize very much after a wash. I paired them with EBC Red Stuff which also dust very little. Great performance combination for the street.
Do you swap pads for tracking and, if so, what do you use.
Well I don't track. May do a few HPDEs this season, but that would be it.
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