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718 S vs GTS engine differences.

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I have read that the 718 GTS has a different intake manifold and different VTG turbo.

Does anyone have access to the GTS part numbers? and any idea if these parts would be available. and would they require different ECU programming? Any other foreseeable problems.

Would there be any benefit to doing it in steps, such as adding the manifolds first and then in the future changing the turbo.

Probably not worth the money for the 15 HP advertised increase but maybe the potential for improvement with tuning would be worth the change.

So for future consideration can anyone post the numbers. and add to the discussion.
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I believe Suncoast Porsche will sell you the GTS intake manifold, but I haven't found an online source for GTS part numbers yet.
Pulled this manifold picture from another thread in this section. But the part numbers were not included. Not sure if they fit either side or if there is a right and left. Would make sense to have one part fit both sides.

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