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718 turbo cooling

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Can anyone provide a somewhat technical explaination of how the turbo bearings are kept cool, especially after a hard run? There must be some electric pump for oil that works once the engine shuts off (start/stop feature would necessitate this I would think). I had a few older turbo cars and always heard horror stories about hot turbo bearings baking oil because of the high heat. Turbos must have evolved and I have read about extra coolant passages in some turbo set ups while others circulate oil via an electric pump once the engine is shut down. Of course I'll cool down my 718 after each drive, once I get it next week ?, but would like to know what is happening behind the scenes.
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I guess Porsche is saying don't worry about it. The DME computer will take care of cooling off the turbo. In previous turbo German cars with auto engine shutoff I always wondered and worried about a burst of speed followed by a stoplight and the engine shuts off - all I think about is the oil draining away and a red hot turbo baking the bearings (probably old school thinking). Picking up my new Cayman in two days and feeling a little obsessive... thx for the link. I read the whole booklet!
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