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Hello All...

I love sports cars, and was that kid with the Porsche glossy magazine page torn out, taped to my bedroom wall, hoping one day it would be a real machine in my life. I pulled the trigger on a 981 boxster 2 years ago, purchasing it used and had it about a year. It was everything I hoped it would be...agile, fun, fast...all in an open-air experience making me feel like I was in an F1 car at times!
I knew something was missing, and for me it was having one built, brand new, just for me, never owned by anyone. The offering was of course, the 718, and so I traded the 981 in to a local dealer and put a new 718 on order. It took 6 months for the new car to arrive, and I recall many days and nights staring at the empty space in my garage that once was occupied by my white gorgeous white boxster with a black soft top.
In October of 2018 I took delivery of my white 718 and love it. I guess having the car built, with all the toys I could afford , and the waiting period all made the experience worthwhile.
Ok, onto the 718 vs 981 thing...I speak from personal experience, having owned and driven both. First off, It's a Porsche, so I think my fellow forum members all agree the DNA vested in these cars will always evoke the emotions that make the cars so special.
I "feel speed" more in the 718, and love how the fender creases and larger side intakes lend a more aggressive look. The 3-D "PORSCHE" rear badge is also a nice touch compared to the 981.
I did like how the front LED lights were integrated into the airdam slats on the 981, that's about it.
To even compare engine notes on both these cars is ridiculous, and unfair. To those critics that mention character or soul lost...newsflash...EVERY Porsche has both, in one way or another...I can say that with certainty when I'm admiring my 718, cleaning it, or driving it. If engine notes are that important, invest in a Porsche carrera GT, Lexus LFA. or Ferrari 355 if you want an engine with a high-pitch wail...believe me, the 981 boxster sounded nothing like any of these cars, and I've driven them all.
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