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Hi all,

As regular Dallas temps in the 70s and a-bloomin' foilage everywhere attest to, springtime is here -- and it's time start planning a Texas-wide GTG!

(Background: @chester7, @Treemagnet, @DriveInHouston, and myself gathered at the monthly COTA C&C show a couple of months ago in Austin and had a ball. We're pretty much all committed to an, um, warmer one for the spring that involves some drive time!)

Let's use this thread to brainstorm first. Then, once we come up with the plan, I'll edit this OP with details.

I propose piggybacking onto a PCA region event such as the Bluebonnet Tours that the state's area chapters organize. Looks like both the Lone Star PCA (Houston) and Hill Country PCA (Austin/San Antonio) tours are in late March. The Maverick PCA (D/FW) tour, however, is in late April: tentatively April 26.

Any other ideas? I'm all for doing our own thing, too -- I really dug the C&C vibe, so maybe we hit another major one in S.A., H-Town, or Big D? Totally open to suggestions, folks!

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I posted in another thread the info on the Lone Star region ride. It looks like a very nice setup, including a gourmet lunch and a free-form dinner.

Let me say a-priori that it will be highly unlikely that I can attend, because we are going the previous weekend to a PCA event (our first) and I don't think my significant other can have two servings of PCA in two consecutive weekends. Any date after that, I will play it by ear (possibly solo).

Getting back to the Lone Star region ride, my thoughts were that if you don't want to spring for the (pricey) gourmet lunch, you can break off as 718Forum and either re-join the PCA event later, or go your own merry way.
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