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718S tyre (Tire) Replacement advice

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My 718S is due new tyres. I've got over 20k including 4 track events out off Pirellis so very happy with wear. However they suffer horribly from tyre scrubbing and low temp grip is not good when tyres are cold. I live in the south of UK so winter tyres are not really worth having. Im looking at £960 FOR 4 PIRELLIS. Goodyears are coming in at 30% less and Porsche rated.
Has anyone experience of driving on Goodyears or ideally both.
Its more about Scrubbing than the price.
Never be a cheapskate on Tyres!
Any views?


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Are you on 19s or 20s? I'm on 19s and I'm a Michelin guy. I droppped the Yokos for PS4S and I never looked back.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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