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911 styled led rear light for 718

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Hi i posted a little home made mod yesterday which turned out surprisingly well and the best part was it took an hour to do and cost less than $6.00 to make.
i have had requests of the how to do it so i thought i would post a Write up.

1st you will need to source the silicone led strip i used a 12mm W x 6mm D profile, i purchased from AliExpress although Fleabay also sell it, the cost per meter is 99C You will need exactly 1100 mm per spoiler


Next solder a good quality cable to the strip you will need a 750mm Length then tape using black PVC making sure its sealed, continue along the top of the silicone to the end to mask off the white of the silicone.


Once you have done this you will need to tape primer the silicone to the underside to allow the adhesion of double sided trim tape, once dry apply the tape



The next stage is to put primer along the rear edge where the led strip is to be stuck, then carefully remove the backing tape and stick down the LED strip following the contour of the rear spoile.

The next stage is the trickiest the routing of wire and connection, open the trunk lid, pull down the carpets around the lock and LHS ( from the rear looking forward ) you will see the rear light cables you will need to tap into these wires using a scotch lock / tap, I chose the driving / tail light circuit as it comes on when i lock / unlock At night And comes on when the lights are turned on.
i routed the cable under the rear Spoiler trim, Then removed the trunk seal, i reinforced around the cable before putting the cable over the lip and re seating the trunk seal.
Put the carpets back and Enjoy
Everything is 100% reversible without any damage to trims or wiring






The most expensive part was the shipping at $4.00
Job Done (y)
Cheers Andrew
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There is a Chinese company making these and they are connected to the battery. The light glows too much though in my opinion. This company makes a few interesting Aftermarket products 馃
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Your's looks great too. Personally, I wouldn't add it to my MY19. I imagine it will be on the next gen though
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