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I've been lurking around this site since I ordered my 2018 718 Cayman GTS back on February 12th. Ninety six long days later it's finally here and safely tucked away in my garage. This is my 14th car overall, but my first ever NEW car. I'm so glad I ordered what I wanted, rather than compromise on dealer inventory.

Mine is a low spec, fairly basic GTS. My wife set a firm cap at $80k, so I had to be extremely conservative with the options list. Saphire blue metallic, navigation, power folding mirrors, heated seats, power steering plus, and a few freebies (leather steering wheel/gear lever, luggage net, 718 badging). My dealer offered 6% off MSRP and I feel that was reasonable given what others have reported.

I thought I would share my initial impressions based on a little more than 100 miles of seat time, today.

- The standard, manual, Alcantara seats are fantastic. At 6 foot, 225 lbs, I was surprised by how good the thigh support is for a non-adjustable sport seat. Not sure why Porsche calls them 2 way seats when there are 3 adjustment options available (seat height, seat distance, and power recline). I did not try out any of the seat options prior to ordering.
- There's more Alcantara in the car than I expected (roof, A pillars, doors, arm rest, and obviously, seats). The configurator doesn't really give the standard interior justice.
- The car just wants to run, even when being respectful of the 4k RPM break-in guidelines.
- The six speed transmission is fantastic! I can't heel-toe at all, so the rev matching truely makes downshifting so much more enjoyable.
- My car was an April 18 build and came with Goodyear tires - I was hoping for Michelin's.
- Basic radio and climate control work fine, but I'm not picky about those sorts of things.
- I had concerns about driveway clearance in my average suburban neighborhood, but thankfully, no issues with scraping so long as I enter/exit at an angle.
- This thing is tiny compared to my 04 Cayenne daily driver. Feels more like my old Honda S2000 in size, but has tons more cabin space than that car did (top up).
- Within my first two hours of ownership, I drove the car through a zero visibility downpour. Not only did it shrug off the rain just fine, it also casually reminded me that I bought a driver's car, not a garage queen. The standard headlights worked fine in the rain, but I can't comment on night driving, yet.
- Saphire blue is gorgeous on this car. I'm oddly thrilled it's no longer available on the 2019 718's, since it means 2018 will be the only year that the GTS was available in that color - I sure haven't seen many SBM GTS's on the usual new car sites.

Anyways, I'm excited to be here and can't wait to share my experiences with this great community.

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Congratulation on your GTS. It's an awesome car and Sapphire Blue is beautiful. I'm with you on the Alcantara - I'm really happy we spec'ed our car with it. I had my concerns before we got the car as we had not demoed a car with it prior to our purchase. I have no concerns now!
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