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I looked far and wide on the internet for confirmation as to whether or not 19" Cayman S rims from the prior generation Cayman (981) would fit my 718 Cayman S. Unfortunately I was never able to get confirmation either way. Undeterred, I took a chance on a set and thought I'd post the results for the next Cayman owner with the same question. Indeed they do fit. Both cars are fitted with 8Jx19 ET57 up front, so no question there. Only the rears differ, and then only by 1/2". 981s use 9.5Jx19 ET45 and 718s use 10Jx19 ET45. Bottom line: The 981 19" Cayman S wheels fit a 718 Cayman S just fine. NOTE that while the wheels fit without an issue, the tire pressure sensors are NOT interchangeable between the two generations. If you mount 981 wheels on your 718, you'll need to update the tire pressure sensors.
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