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982 GT4 Cayman vs. 981 GT4 Cayman Exhaust

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Mods, if this has been shared already please delete.

Give it a chance and watch the entire video, the guy doing the test forgot to activate PSE on the 982. It's done later in the video.

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Don't forget that the 4.0/GT4 will be a limited numbers run...
Not what I'm hearing, and not according to Andreas Preuninger's interviews when unveiling the GT4—unless by "limited" you mean "limited to Porsche's production capacity." These aren't unique numbered vehicles, and there will be as many available as Porsche believes they can sell. Yes, they're slow coming to the US at the moment for various reasons (slow emissions approvals, factory move, traditional August holiday, etc.), but the whole reason Porsche is changing the GTS from a four cylinder to a six cylinder engine is to increase sales in North America and Europe, not make them more exclusive.
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