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A/C Performance issues - now freezing up

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Hey everyone -

Anyone else had A/C performance issues with their car?

For the longest time on hot days here in Texas I've felt the car doesn't adequately cool the interior.

Now, the last 2 weeks or so, I think the A/C has been freezing up (fan turned on high, slowly and slowly less air comes out the vents until it's barely a trickle, turning the A/C off for a minute solves the problem)

I also have been noticing that the passenger-side vents are blowing air warmer than the driver side vents.

Car is a non-dual zone system.
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I am not sure if this applies or is accurate but might be worth checking with the dealer. Most frequently a frozen evaporator results from an insufficient refrigerant charge or (much less frequently) a problem with the expansion valve (usually all mechanical). I understand, but do not know for sure, the equivalent of an expansion valve in our cars (and most recent vehicles) is controlled by the computer. A recent post in another thread in this forum discussed a problem where the evaporator was icing up in unusually hot/humid conditions. The post stated Porsche had a firmware/software update to address this problem. You might want to explore this with your dealer.
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