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A new member from the UK

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Hi all,

I’ve been tracking and learning from posts on this forum since ordering a new base 718 Cayman PDK in Gentian Blue with just a few other options last October and have now joined you.

It’s been the longest I’ve ever had to wait for a factory order new car (not helped by the two month coronavirus shutdown), but at least it has now been built and transported to the temporary old airfield storage facility at Ahlhorn, not far from Emden.

There seems to be something of a bottleneck in terms of getting cars into Emden and onto ships, but I so hope our Cayman doesn’t have to wait long for its turn. Fingers crossed. Getting excited as the prospect of handover gradually gets nearer.

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@GrahamUK - No pics and it didn't happen. Hope your car gets on board a ship soon for you to enjoy it in the metal
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