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A new member from the UK

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Hi all,

I’ve been tracking and learning from posts on this forum since ordering a new base 718 Cayman PDK in Gentian Blue with just a few other options last October and have now joined you.

It’s been the longest I’ve ever had to wait for a factory order new car (not helped by the two month coronavirus shutdown), but at least it has now been built and transported to the temporary old airfield storage facility at Ahlhorn, not far from Emden.

There seems to be something of a bottleneck in terms of getting cars into Emden and onto ships, but I so hope our Cayman doesn’t have to wait long for its turn. Fingers crossed. Getting excited as the prospect of handover gradually gets nearer.

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Congrats to you Both! I'm also in the North :) Cheshire...

It's odd about your build delays Graham. I ordered mine in Sept but then went into a few days, if memory serves me correctly. Finally build over the holidays and delivered just after New Years. Trust me, the wait will have been worth it.

Truth be told, getting it in the winter and not really being able to use it made the experience a bit of a let down but once it got warm, such thoughts vanished. Perhaps we can organise a casual meet up to get our cars out and stretch their legs.

Looking forward to your updates and delivery!

I fully can appreciate and understand the frustration you all must be feeling. I ordered mine early Sept (or was that August?) with an estimated delivery in Nov. I had only had a week to spec and lock it in but a mix up with the build slot happened and it was pushed by a month. Delivery then set for late Nov, then early Dec and finally arrive just before NYE and collection on Jan 03rd.

Granted my delays were not as long as yours but I have to say, the day you do get it, all that frustration and time spent wondering about it washes away completely - at least it did for me. So hang in there, rewatch some youtube vids and try to put it out of mind even for a day or two.

And might I add, don't rush them on turning it around ASAP. Best they do a proper PDI and do take the time to go through it yourself. The last thing you want is picking up a delayed vehicle and finding they rushed the prep. It will 100% ruin the experience. Amazing what a day or two more will do for the retailer to do it right and you to get it delivered correctly. ;)
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