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A reason for Navigation...

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With CarPlay being a really good product, and with Porsche being cheap and not offering navigation as standard, I know a lot of folks were saying "I'll just use CarPlay."

I can say that on my drive home from PEC LA, mostly on Highway 1 and 101, there was a lot of time where I didn't have signal. And when we got to Highway 1 finally (over Nacimiento-Fergusson road, which I will NEVER drive again) it was really nice to be able to just search for the name of our lunch stop and not worry. There are times where an on-board system comes in handy. :)

P.S. - the voice is the same voice as Mazda uses, but she says different things.
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Cross post from P9:

You see, what [member name redacted] says about smartphones using a GPS signal is only partially true because a smartphone only uses GPS intermittently to determine things like which cell towers to communicate with after cell signal is lost. It is not 'always on' like a device that uses GPS as its primary like the navigation in PCM or a portable GPS unit.

That's interesting and good to know. I would have expected a phone with a GPS map app to be always on, at least when in the app and work much like a dedicated GPS unit. No so it seems based on your research and first hand experience. I may have to check on this closer as well as I have a hunting GPS map and it seems to always be on when in the app as it seems to update constantly my position. Perhaps depends on the app and how its being used?
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