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A reason for Navigation...

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With CarPlay being a really good product, and with Porsche being cheap and not offering navigation as standard, I know a lot of folks were saying "I'll just use CarPlay."

I can say that on my drive home from PEC LA, mostly on Highway 1 and 101, there was a lot of time where I didn't have signal. And when we got to Highway 1 finally (over Nacimiento-Fergusson road, which I will NEVER drive again) it was really nice to be able to just search for the name of our lunch stop and not worry. There are times where an on-board system comes in handy. :)

P.S. - the voice is the same voice as Mazda uses, but she says different things.
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As much as I use the PCM Nav, a couple(!) of my iPhone apps actually store the complete maps on the phone.
Right, I have maps.me. But at this time they won't show the map on the display. Perhaps with iOS 12 they'll have CarPlay functionality.
Oh, and having the Nav and/or map display in the cluster is nice too. That way I can have my audio controls on the main display while still tracking the map. :)
I don't use car play, but I do use google maps/android auto (I keep my phone on a mount).
I find that to be a poor experience. Trying to stare at a tiny phone is bad.

Goldtrom said:
With google maps you can, in most cases (Tokyo being one exception I'm aware of) download the maps and POI database for places where cell service is sketchy.
IF you know where you're going to be going, and IF you know that coverage there is poor, then sure.

Goldtrom said:
Things that makes cell phone navigation better than older stand-alone GPS (some newer stand-alones have similar features):
We're not talking about older stand-alone. We're talking about PCM4 in the 718.

Goldtrom said:
1. Free and frequent map updates (google/apple maps are updated way more often than most in-dash units)
2. Traffic data over cellular
718 does this.

Goldtrom said:
3. Better accelerometers used for dead reckoning when GPS signal is weak
Unknown if 718 does this, but given the accelerometers it does have I would imagine they're used.

Goldtrom said:
5. Cell tower triangulation, also for when GPS signal is weak
Useless for navigation. A-GPS helps speed time to initial fix. It's not used for navi at all.
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718 doesn't have *free* updates or *free* traffic data, you have to pay monthly fee for it. No thanks.
Sure, up to you. I'm paying for an integrated experience. I love seeing the map in the instrument cluster, not a phone on a mount like I'm driving for Uber.

As to the poor experience, everything is a trade off. I find not having traffic data for free a poor experience. And most phones are over 5.8" these days, that's big enough for me.
To my mind, if you're buying a car like this and you complain about the traffic data costing money you chose the wrong brand. Just my opinion.

You're welcome to rationalize the use of the built in navigation
I'm not "rationalizing" it. That would imply the phone provides a better experience. In this case it does not.

One other fairly obvious benefit of using cell phones is frequent HW revisions without need to replace the PCM ;). Most people upgrade their phones on a regular basis.
That's because I ask my phone to do things I don't ask my car to do.

I really don't think I said anything that proved your point. I don't really know what your point is. This thread, per the first post, was about in-car (built in or stand alone) GPS being better than a phone because the phone doesn't always have data. I've pointed out many times that is not 100% valid point and is misleading. You can if you use a little planning download data for most places you would want to go. And by most I mean more than the 718 built in one works. Now there may be some stand alone off roader unit or under water or whatever that is better, but thats was never my point. Maybe I wasn't clear enough, am I being clear now? We can keep going, but we are way off the original topic.
You can do what you want. I don't at all agree that the statement is misleading. You don't always know when you're going to have coverage or not. I like having the option. And I don't like to having to worry about "Oh did I remember to download maps?" Yeah, whatever.

I also don't use my phone on the bike. Phones SHOULD work great for that, but if they did then most folks wouldn't have Garmins.

Hope this thread is at least dispelling some of the mis-information, which is all I was hoping to do. Gotta sprinkle in some opinions here and there just for fun though.
No, what you're doing is portraying your opinions as facts, which can be annoying. (That's why I'm gonna ignore from here on.)

I know I'm rambling on. There was one more piece of info I wanted to get out for those who use carplay, which was kind of the OP's issue (it not working without data). In iOS 12 google maps will be available on car play. So all my ramblings about using google maps will apply to you car play users sometime later this year. Just something to think about when deciding to give porsche your hard earned money for the built-in navigation...
Again, can't understand why people sweat this so much on an expensive car...maybe a GTI would be better? I mean you bought a Tiguan with a Porsche badge on it...
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