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A Slow Fast Car...

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Ostensibly that is, the 718 will for sure be down on power but will kill with its power to weight. Rumors I've been seeing lately pin the 718 at a modest 200 hp, with the aforementioned 2,600 lb weight target.

at 200 hp we're looking at 13 lbs/HP, IF they bump it to say 250 hp its 10.4 lbs/HP.

But hey as the old adage goes its more fun to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow ;)
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Where are you getting these horse power numbers? Do we have any idea what the engine will be in the 718 yet?
From media speculation, I thought I made it clear when I said RUMORS...

regardless http://www.718forum.com/forum/engin...et-2-0-liter-flat-four-2-5-liter-engines.html
OK, so just educated guess work. Regardless, I think that the important thing is keeping the car light. That is what will make it feel like an awesome driver's car. This is another reason why I think that they are going to go with the manual convertible roof. I just think the automatic would raise the weight by too much. I'd be impressed if they could keep the weight low and still give us the automatic roof.
Going light is the way to go, it's what engineers and development teams try their best to do. Make it light and things improve greatly.
Its just about how far you go in that pursuit. Race cars show just how light car companies can go if they want to, but actual customers want comfort and features too. Porsche is a high-end brand, I wonder how they will strike a balance.
yeah at least with race cars we can see what is possible and maybe get a sense of how that can translate into something we can drive ourselves on roads, legally.
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