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After many test drives of many Porsche, I finally decided to order a 718 Cayman GTS

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Hi everyone,

I am new to this Forum and also new to the Porsche world. I never owned a Porsche so I am not biased of any of the brand's products... ok maybe I like the 911 more since I was little...

I manly had various sports models of BMW and also Mercedes. I decided to finally purchase a Porsche and didn't know in advance witch one to buy (Cayman or 911). I only knew that I wanted a hard top (no convertible) and PDK.
Money was not an issue, as I can afford up to the 911 C4S.
I simply love sport cars. I prefer handling over power... but I still love power!! Sound is also very important to me as it contributes to the overall sensations of pur sport experience.

So I read and I read... all magasines, all forums, etc. Then, I decided to test drive many Porsches. I drove them in that order:

A) 718 Boxster S PDK (they had no Cayman as a demo);
B) 981 Cayman S PDK PSE Suspension -20mm
C) 911 C4 PDK PSE and 718 Boxster MT PSE Back to back
D) 911 C4S PDK PSE and 718 Boxster PDK Back to back
E) 718 Boxster S PDK PSE

Before driving the first 718 Boxster S, I read everything about it and I was wondering to what extent I was going to be bothered by its sound. Against all odds, I was surprised by the sound (no PSE). I really loved it. Very muscular and very present. I was also Flabergasted by the handling and that crazy precision of its steering. Confort was wow and I couldn't understand how Porsche could have created a car that could handle that well and be that confortable. The PDK was so so so much better that the BMW. And the power... Oh boy!!! Very impressive and had nothing to do with what anyone would expect from a 4 cylinders. The overall experience of this 718 S was like a big Joke... or a dream. It was like it came from the future. The price started to make sens and I was under the impression that is was a bargain considering the general sensation/experience.

So guess what I did next. I went to test drive a used 981 Cayman S (PDK PSE Suspension -20mm). I certainly considered that model for all the praise concerning its sound. It did sound very different but also even better that the 718. I started to more understand the issue. IMO, the problem is not that the 718 sounds bad. To my ears, its sound scores 9/10. The real problem is that the sound of the 981 scores 12/10 (for this category of cars). On various Forums those who are mostly irritated by the sound of the 718 are those who got used to the marvelous sound of their 981. I said the sound of the 981 scores 12/10 "for this category of cars" because we shouldn't forget that it's not Ferrari sound, or even some cheaper cars. But I understand that we could all be sensitive when some ting we love becomes less good. And Porsche enthusiasts are and should be sensitives about this wonderfull brand. Someone said that in his opinion the 718 sounds like a car of half its price. I find this comment to be severe. Well, ok! On the other hand, let's remind each other that it handles like a car of twice its price...

But my impression of the 981 didn't stop here. BMW's turbo engines (that I am used to) deliver their maximum torque at very low RPM (1200-1400 RPM). In that respect, the 981 felt like a lesser car at low RPM. Even when it was reved, the power was not that sensationnel. The 718 S felt like a beast in comparaison. I know Porsche said that the steering of the 718 is 10% faster than the 981. But something made me feel that the difference is greater. Ok, it may only be 10% faster but it also felt much more precise and direct. the Software of the steering (taken from the 911 turbo) is probably much better and has something to do with the overall difference in the sensation.

Also there was a big difference in comfort. But the 981 I drove has the fixed -20mm so it could be an unfair comparison.

So unless a person really hates the sound of the 718 or if the sound is number 1, 2, 3 and 4 on its list, we should admit that the 718 is a huge improvement over the 981 in every other aspect and by far.

When I drove back to back the 911 and the 718, I couldn't believe the difference in handling. I was driving the 911 for the first time and I am under the impression that because it was a back to back comparaison with a 718 (each time a base 718... against a C4 and a C4S) it ruined my driving experience of the 911 that was my dream car since I was a young boy. Those Wonderfull 911 felt heavy and less precise in comparaison. The 718 was so cruelly nimble that the comparaison became unfair for the 911. I couldn't believe it and this is the reason why I did this back to back test drive TWICE. The sound of the 911 was nicer. But remember, handling is number 1 on my list... and I still loved the sound of the 718.

In my last test drive, I just wanted to hear the PSE on the 718 S (before that date, I had only heard it on the base 718).

After that last test drive, I ordered a 718 Cayman GTS. this was last November and I should receive it in March.

Sorry, I realise my texte is very long...
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Nice review from somebody starting with a fresh (Porsche) slate.

Enjoy the car!
Welcome! Nice to read your story.
I was wondering if any of the Forum members test drove the 718 and the 911 and had a chance to compare them. I would very much like to know their impressions.
Well said, Fisc! I like hearing other people's interpretation of differences between the 911, 981, and 718. I have driven both. Back to back, several times. The 718 seems like a more raw, dedicated sports car. I love 911's, but they have become a bit too comfortable and large for my taste. That being said, I still think a 991.2 GTS is a near perfect car! Either way, you've made a decision that I'm sure you'll enjoy. For you, coming out of Mercedes and BMW, you'll appreciate the resale value of the Porsche Brand.
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Thanks Test!
The look of the 991.2 GTS is absolutely amazing!! Here in Canada, the Porsche dealers are much smaller than many dealers in the US. But the dealer next to my home (4 km) has many 911 GTS in its showroom. All of them are very special in a way or another. They all have something very exclusive (customized color for $8000 Canadian, etc.). Because of their many special options, they are expensive and yet, they are the first to go... So they keep replacing them regularly. It is always a pleasure to see the new ones arrive and to notice the exciting things they have. They feel like much more special products than my 718 CGTS. And I read about their superb performance. Maybe my next Porsche...
Your comment about the resale value is very pleasing and it confirms the impression I had. One of the reasons why I wanted a Porsche (beside their driving skills) is the resale value. The other one is their reliability.
And I take this opportunity to ask if any of you suggest I buy the extended warranty when I will get my car. I should keep the car 6-8 years. I should not make more than 10 000 KM/ year (6 000 miles). So at the end of the 6 years period of the extended warranty, it shouldn't have more that 60 000 km (36 000 miles). I think it is around $3600 Can for the additional 2 years.
If they are that reliable, my first reflex is to just take the risque and fixe it if it breaks during years 5 and 6.I can afford the extended warranty and I can also afford to fixe it if it breaks (I think...). So, to me, it is a matter of probability. In other words, I never took the extended warranty on my previous cars and the overall repares during years 5 and 6 of each car didn't cost me nearly as much as if I would have bought the extended warranty on all my cars. Is this logic applicable to Porsche?
Can any of you comment about his/her experience with or without the extended warranty?
Sorry! My English is poor as my first language is french (I live in the province of Quebec, Canada) and this prevents me from expressing my ideas properly.
I thank you all in advance! You have no idea how much your comments help!!!
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Hello, I am also from Quebec, Canada (Varennes), I bought a Cayman 718S that was delivered in june 17, and did not take extended warantee. Last Porsche I owned was a 911 2005, never put a penny on it, as well as the 3 previous Porsches I had. So my opinion is NO...extended warantee is NOT worth it. I track my car 2-3 times a year, and Porsche cars are like «*military tanks*», built strong able to take punishment and hard driving...

Hope it helps, and hope we will see you in Tremblant next summer !!
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this is why the 2008-2009 models are being sold for half their orignal price (after 9-10 years...). This is very impressive! thanks for that link.
Filoup, thank you for sharing your expérience about the extended warrantee. Yes it helps.
Tremblant is very tempting :) I would love to go
How do you like your 718 CS so far?
Hello FiscNad, for me the Cayman 718 S is the best car I’ve had so far.

The sound is great for me, and far better than the previous Porsches I had in the past. I’ve owned a 1984 944, a 1991 911 Carrera4, a 1956 Speedster replica (brand new), a 2005 911 cabrio, and the 2017 Cayman S. The only car that had a better sound was an Audi RS4 2007 (V8 420HP) I had for 2 years, that was a beast , but slow on some corners in Tremblant. The 718 CaymanS is fun on the road, and unbeatable on a track if you are an experienced driver. In my «*blue class*» at PCA track days, I keep the pace with Cayman GT4, recent Boxster Spyder, and most street 911’s except for the turbos, GT3 and up.

In other words, the new Cayman is the perfect handling car on a track. I bought an extra set of O.Z. Wheels and Nitto tires for my 2-3 track sessions per year to «*save*» my street tire...
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Hi Filoup

I am glad to hear that, specially coming from a next door neigbour (Varrenes). I was going to try the track this summer. I hear others purchasing extra sets of tires and wheels. I was wondering if at the end it does cost less than just using the street tire. did you do the math? or maybe you did that to enhence the exprience with better tires for the track...

Also, do you have picture of your Cayman? Would love to se it .

718 S is the best car I’ve had so far.
Me too, best car but also the best engine. That's after 20+ years of Porsche ownership including V8 (928S4) and flat-six engines of 3.2, 3.4 and 3.6 litres. And the only engine sounds that still leave a lasting impression on me are from my flatplane-crank V8 Ferrari (328GTS).
Sure Fiscnad I can repost some pictures.

Where are you from? ——I started my car at the end of this afternoon, as I usually do once or twice during winter time, just to avoid flat spots on tires, I start it, let it warm up in the drive way, then move it around in front of the house and take it back in the garage. Here are a few pics and one from Tremblant last june.


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Sure Fiscnad I can repost some pictures.

Where are you from? ——I started my car at the end of this afternoon, as I usually do once or twice during winter time, just to avoid flat spots on tires, I start it, let it warm up in the drive way, then move it around in front of the house and take it back in the garage. Here are a few pics and one from Tremblant last june.
Magnifique!! I live in St-Hubert not far from you. We should meet when I get my car. The pictures of your car make me dream more... Very wow! Love the color with the black wheels. I cant believe I still have two more months to wait..... I think you are waiting too since you are storing it during winter...I think I will have the same wheels (satin black ?). Did you take one of the optional suspensions?
Me too, best car but also the best engine. That's after 20+ years of Porsche ownership including V8 (928S4) and flat-six engines of 3.2, 3.4 and 3.6 litres. And the only engine sounds that still leave a lasting impression on me are from my flatplane-crank V8 Ferrari (328GTS).
Wow! This is the first time I read such a solid statement about the engine of the 718. Sadly, many negative comments leave no place to discussion, as the are being expressed in a very excessive way by "connaisseurs" that could not be contradicted. On the other hand, after reading on various forums, I was under the impression that those who wanted to express their appreciation for these new engine did it in a very shy way.. maybe they are scared of being labeled as non purists. I think this is why I posted my firs comments and shared my experience.

Which 718 did you get?

Do you mean it is the best Porsche engine or best over all engine you got.

I am curious to know what make you say it is the best engine (power, torque, sound, etc.)? Or what do you like in it?

Since you had many flat 6 Porsche engine, did you have to adapt to the sound of he fla 4?

I thank you again for your courageous statement!!
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Hey FiscNad, thanks but I'd hate to think it takes any kind of courage to post one's views in an online forum....

If my ex-analyst musings are of interest, they are available in my post history. no need to re-hash here. More important I think is to keep adding to the knowledge base as you and other new forum members have done. I look forward to reading about early ownership/driving experiences with the GTS, incl. real-world performance data adding to our understanding of true power levels in the 9A2B4 engine line.
Yes lowered suspension (20mm), sport exhaust, sport chrono, PDK, ...etc, ll the stuff you will get on your GTS.
Yes, I will certainly post my comments once I get to drive It.

Fouloup, the GTS comes with the standard PASM. At first, the dealer told me not to take Sport PASM since it was too stiff for street driving. Few months later, when came the time to place my order, they told me that they had to deliver a car that had sport PASM to a client and went far to do so. My salesman, who has the standard PASM on his personal 718, is the one who drove the car to the client. He told me that he didn’t see any difference with respect to confort between his PASM and the sport PASM of the car he was delivering, except for the look (-20mm). He said that if there is a difference in confort, he couldn’t notice it. So I ordered my car with Sport PASM (-20mm). I don’t think I will regret it... How do you find the ride of your -20mm in confort mode?
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When I test drove a 718 Boxster S with sports PASM and 20 inch wheels, I thought the ride was fine comfort wise. The reason I didn't choose it is because I started scraping the guards on speed bumps and when turning into streets with a largish gradient change.
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